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Multi-wall paper bags can be used to transport dry, flowable bulk materials. The paper shipping bag was invented over 100 years ago. Each year, billions of paper shipping sacks are manufactured and filled. There are many types of industrial paper bags, including the pinch bottom open mouth bag and self-opening satchel bag. There are two types of paper bags: Valve and Open Mouth. An open mouth bag is made from a tube of paper plies and sealed at the bottom. The open mouth bag is then filled with paper plies and sealed by adhesive, stitching, or tape. The valve bags are closed at both ends (pasted), and filled with a valve. Multi-wall bags consist of two to six layers (plies), of paper and film. The paper plies are usually kraft or extensible papers. A layer of plastic film can be added to paper plies for bags that require moisture or grease protection. A thin film can be applied to the paper.
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