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What is Kraft Paper? Kraft is a German word that means "strong", which is why Kraft Paper was created. The kraft pulping process makes raw kraft durable, tear-resistant and brown. Kraft paper board is ideal for making durable wrapping paper, rigid boxes and cartons. It can also be made in a variety of colors. This makes it very versatile for branding packaging solutions. The manufacturing of paper usually involves wood being 'pulped' (ground into a pulp). However, Dahl discovered that treating the pulp with certain chemicals (sulfates), increased the paper's strength. Kraft paper was originally used to wrap things. Its sturdy and durable nature made it a popular material for packaging solutions such as the brown cardboard box that we all know today. The kraft process, which removes more lignin from kraft wood pulp, leaves more cellulose . This gives paper its tear-resistant and durable properties. Raw kraft paper is more porous than regular paper, which makes it less efficient for printing and highly susceptible to special finishing processes.
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